Formulas Example

This is a simplest Qt Xlsx example.

This example demonstrates how to create a new .xlsx file containing formulas with Qt Xlsx Library. So lets see how this is achieved.

This creates a new instance of the all important Document class which gives you access to the Excel workbook and worksheets.

Document xlsx;

A default worksheet have been created by Document. Let's start by adding some basic formulas.

xlsx.setColumnWidth(1, 2, 40);
Format rAlign;
Format lAlign;
xlsx.write("B3", 40, lAlign);
xlsx.write("B4", 30, lAlign);
xlsx.write("B5", 50, lAlign);
xlsx.write("A7", "SUM(B3:B5)=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B7", "=SUM(B3:B5)", lAlign);
xlsx.write("A8", "AVERAGE(B3:B5)=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B8", "=AVERAGE(B3:B5)", lAlign);
xlsx.write("A9", "MAX(B3:B5)=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B9", "=MAX(B3:B5)", lAlign);
xlsx.write("A10", "MIN(B3:B5)=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B10", "=MIN(B3:B5)", lAlign);
xlsx.write("A11", "COUNT(B3:B5)=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B11", "=COUNT(B3:B5)", lAlign);

xlsx.write("A13", "IF(B7>100,\"large\",\"small\")=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B13", "=IF(B7>100,\"large\",\"small\")", lAlign);

xlsx.write("A15", "SQRT(25)=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B15", "=SQRT(25)", lAlign);
xlsx.write("A16", "RAND()=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B16", "=RAND()", lAlign);
xlsx.write("A17", "2*PI()=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B17", "=2*PI()", lAlign);

xlsx.write("A19", "UPPER(\"qtxlsx\")=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B19", "=UPPER(\"qtxlsx\")", lAlign);
xlsx.write("A20", "LEFT(\"ubuntu\",3)=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B20", "=LEFT(\"ubuntu\",3)", lAlign);
xlsx.write("A21", "LEN(\"Hello Qt!\")=", rAlign);
xlsx.write("B21", "=LEN(\"Hello Qt!\")", lAlign);

Then add one array formula.

Worksheet *sheet = xlsx.currentWorksheet();

for (int row=2; row<20; ++row) {
    sheet->write(row, 2, row*2); //B2:B19
    sheet->write(row, 3, row*3); //C2:C19
sheet->writeFormula("D2", CellFormula("B2:B19+C2:C19", "D2:D19", CellFormula::ArrayType));
sheet->writeFormula("E2", CellFormula("=CONCATENATE(\"The total is \",D2:D19,\" units\")", "E2:E19", CellFormula::ArrayType));

Now save the file and all its components.;