AbstractSheet Class

Base class for worksheet, chartsheet, etc. More...

Header: #include <AbstractSheet>
Inherited By:

Chartsheet and Worksheet.

Public Types

enum SheetState { SS_Visible, SS_Hidden, SS_VeryHidden }
enum SheetType { ST_WorkSheet, ST_ChartSheet }

Public Functions

bool isHidden() const
bool isVisible() const
void setHidden(bool hidden)
void setSheetState(SheetState state)
void setVisible(bool visible)
QString sheetName() const
SheetState sheetState() const
SheetType sheetType() const
Workbook * workbook() const

Protected Functions

virtual AbstractSheet * copy(const QString & distName, int distId) const = 0

Detailed Description

Base class for worksheet, chartsheet, etc.

Member Type Documentation

enum AbstractSheet::SheetState

AbstractSheet::SS_VeryHidden2User cann't make a veryHidden sheet visible in normal way.

enum AbstractSheet::SheetType


Member Function Documentation

AbstractSheet * AbstractSheet::copy(const QString & distName, int distId) const [pure virtual protected]

Copies the current sheet to a sheet called distName with distId. Returns the new sheet.

bool AbstractSheet::isHidden() const

Returns true if the sheet is not visible, otherwise false will be returned.

See also sheetState() and setHidden().

bool AbstractSheet::isVisible() const

Returns true if the sheet is visible.

void AbstractSheet::setHidden(bool hidden)

Make the sheet hiden or visible based on hidden.

See also isHidden().

void AbstractSheet::setSheetState(SheetState state)

Set the state of the sheet to state.

See also sheetState().

void AbstractSheet::setVisible(bool visible)

Convenience function, equivalent to setHidden(! visible).

See also isVisible().

QString AbstractSheet::sheetName() const

Returns the name of the sheet.

SheetState AbstractSheet::sheetState() const

Returns the state of the sheet.

See also isHidden(), isVisible(), and setSheetState().

SheetType AbstractSheet::sheetType() const

Returns the type of the sheet.

Workbook * AbstractSheet::workbook() const

Return the workbook