Cell Class

The Cell class provides a API that is used to handle the worksheet cell. More...

Header: #include <Cell>

Public Types

enum CellType { BooleanType, NumberType, ErrorType, SharedStringType, StringType, InlineStringType }

Public Functions

CellType cellType() const
QDateTime dateTime() const
Format format() const
CellFormula formula() const
bool hasFormula() const
bool isDateTime() const
bool isRichString() const
QVariant value() const

Detailed Description

The Cell class provides a API that is used to handle the worksheet cell.

Member Type Documentation

enum Cell::CellType

Cell::BooleanType0Boolean type
Cell::NumberType1Number type, can be blank or used with forumula
Cell::ErrorType2Error type
Cell::SharedStringType3Shared string type
Cell::StringType4String type, can be used with forumula
Cell::InlineStringType5Inline string type

Member Function Documentation


Destroys the Cell and cleans up.

CellType Cell::cellType() const

Return the dataType of this Cell

QDateTime Cell::dateTime() const

Return the data time value.

Format Cell::format() const

Return the style used by this Cell. If no style used, 0 will be returned.

CellFormula Cell::formula() const

Return the formula contents if the dataType is Formula

bool Cell::hasFormula() const

Returns true if the cell has one formula.

bool Cell::isDateTime() const

Returns whether the value is probably a dateTime or not

bool Cell::isRichString() const

Returns whether the cell is probably a rich string or not

QVariant Cell::value() const

Return the data content of this Cell